BITCHES (🐩, 🐩)

BITCHES is a series of digital paintings inspired by excellent dogs and the fabulous people that love them.

Minted on Foundation in 2022.

Dogs of WEB3.0 

Dogs of WEB3.0 started with me hunting through NFT Discord servers for pictures shared of people's dogs, and then I'd send them a doodle back as a surprise. I started getting commission requests from NFT collectors, and the dog pack has been growing ever since.

Minting on OpenSea since 2021. 


I founded, an art sourcing agency, in early 2022. We connect Web3.0 buidl-ers and creatives to help make the future of the internet look heavenly

Contact me to get access to world-class creatives for your project.

The Other Avatars x Saatchi Art

In 2022, I led the curation and production of Saatchi Art's genesis NFT project, The Other Avatars. 154 artists from 35 countries worldwide, 50% of whom were women, worked together to produce an art-first PFP collection of 2523 avatars, based on the self portraits of Vincent Van Gogh. 

Read more about the project on Saatchi Art and see the full collection of artworks on OpenSea.

Vincent #1834 by Ewelina Skowronska.

Oil Paintings

I source selfies and other superficially driven images from social media as reference material for my paintings, which subvert the artificiality of those moments by emphasizing immersive atmospheric elements such as very hot sun or a poolside breeze.

I want the viewer to remember the physical sensations of a moment created by the natural world, rather than filters on their phones.

Available works listed on Saatchi Art.

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