Monty Preston is a Canadian-American visual artist and curator, known across the internet as LeMont.eth. 

Her artwork combines the garish and glitzy, expressing the affinity for volume and color that runs rampant and pent-up within her introverted psyche.

Working across media including oil and digital painting, needlecraft and photography, Monty's works demonstrate her early influences, from Cindy Sherman to Liza Lou to Betty & Veronica comics. Her figurative subjects with spunky personalities are depicted in imagined, campy settings ranging from interstellar to domestic.

She has been tokenizing her digital works on the blockchain since mid-2021, and her 1/1 editions can be found on OpenSea and Foundation. Her paintings can be found on Saatchi Art. In 2022, Monty founded, a line of hand-created fashion accessories for your crypto hardware wallet to encourage self-custody practices within the femme demographic.

Monty's artwork has been exhibited internationally in group exhibitions including the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto in 2017, and NFTCreep in Decentraland in 2021, among others.

As a curator, Monty has been featured on ‘Art Is’…a podcast for artistsFuture SquaredInterview With An Artist, BlockHash: Exploring the Blockchain, and UpTech Report, discussing art, NFTs and the metaverse. Her writings on curation and Web3.0 have been published in HackernoonFastCompanyNasdaq, and CryptoSlate, and she has been interviewed by The New York Times and Elle Decor on art trends.

Monty founded Fountain of Art in 2022, a service that connects buidl-ers and creatives in the Web3.0 space. Major productions include the curation and production of Saatchi Art's genesis NFT project, The Other Avatars, which was the largest collaboration of artists in a single NFT project to date in early 2022. 

She holds a BA (Summa Cum Laude) from University of Toronto. 

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